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Lets Welcome the Eternity Range

The Eternity collection expands the rich, precious authenticity of marble in new contexts, where you can breathe an idea of classicism combined with the search for different ways of living. A choice of 4 colours, 4 Sizes, 2 thickness & 2 finishes. What’s not to love about this range! https://stonewareltd.co.uk/product-category/marble/eternity/

Earthy Shades

Res Art Shining stars of the latest trends, the Res Art shades lend depth through a highly textured material with a waxy finish that cries out to be touched. A beautiful recreation of resin in its purest form. With light bouncing off the material creating an almost wax-like finish, this line lends designs a minimal […]

Mix & Match

The world of design is continuously changing; new trends and new styles appear frequently. The trick is to Learn to adapt quickly if we want to remain “in style”. Recently, a new style became popular and the number of followers is on the rise. This style is mix and match! This trend in interior design is […]

The Metal Effect

The experience gained from tradition combined with the imagination that drives innovation has led to the production of these unique metal- inspired lines in realistic shades, with Iron Silver, Metal Color and Corten, while Wood offers an original mix of timber and metal. Acidic comes in two large formats, namely 120×240, 120×120 and 24×120 (Wood), […]

Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection offers and seductive refinement:  this collection is for those who love the timeless charm of marble. Three types of marble – Italian, African and Asian- have been selected to present original products with widely varying veining features. The collection offers three different colours: black, white and dove-grey, and two surface finishes: a natural time-worn texture, […]